Jacob Gallardo Wins USRA Modifieds Main Event Saturday Aug. 10th  At Southern New Mexico Speedway
   The Southern New Mexico Speedway felt the roar of the USRA Dirt Modifieds once again, followed along with the Super Trucks, USRA Street Stocks, and the Legends of the Southwest. Thanks all of the fans that came out and supported the Southern New Mexico Speedway, if you weren't able to make it let's take you to the action. 
   The Super Trucks put on a good show. The battle on the track was for 3rd, as it was Kenny Alons, and Matt Higby. Those two would battle while Donnie Newcomb would get by. Mr Walton Kyle, Sr. was also back to do battle. John Delph was leading the way until he was sent flying into the wall hard!!! His night would come to an end. Walton Kyle, Sr., in his #6, would show the way. On the restart, Donnie Newcomb put up a good battle for 2nd. He was glued to that position, Higby and Alons would try to get by. That wouldn't happen though. Donnie Newcomb just couldn't catch up to Walton Kyle Sr. Donnie would come home second to Walton Kyle, Sr., your Super Truck Main Event Winner.
by Ruben Mireles
    Next on the night's schedule were the USRA Street Stocks. Fourteen Street Stocks checked in to do battle. At the drop of the green, The "WARHEAD" Jerrad Warhurst would get to the lead quickly, and would show the way. Noah Hollingshead and Donavon Flores had such a great battle for 2nd. But when Flores made the move for 2nd, it was a little too late. Jerrad was leading by a whole track!!! Noah Hollingshead would stay with Flores and pass him for second late in the race. Noah would come home 2nd, and picking up the win in his #7 was Jerrad Warhurst!! 
   The Legends had a 15 lap main scheduled next, and 13 cars checked in. Luis Esquivel, in his #7, would get to work quickly, he would lead the way. Next came Mike Zuloaga. He put on a fight until Eric McNutt showed up to the party. Eric McNutt passed them all and took the lead. But you can't see a legend race without Dusty Riggs being a factor.!! Riggs was right behind Eric for the lead. He could not get around him at first. But Riggs would get the job done for the win with the Legends. 
   The 30 lap main event for the USRA Dirt Modified was going to be dynamite, just by looking at the line up!! Jimmy Ray and Fito Gallardo on the front row. Royal Jones and Christy Georges row two. Row 3 was "Tip Towing" Terry Tipton and Jacob Gallardo. The field would see the green and they were off. The heat was on with Royal Jones and Jimmy Ray chasing Fito right off the bat. Jacob Gallardo  went from 6th to 3rd in a heart beat! But the yellow would wave for a car spun. Jacob Gallardo, on the green, would do it again, and this time he would move to 2nd. It was a Gallardo show on front. Royal and Jimmy still going at it for 3rd. Duncan, Arizona racer Terry Tipton would get no brake from Christy Georges, she would try to stay in fourth. Terry was just occupied with a bunch of company as here comes Dusty Riggs!!! Riggs, after winning the Legends main, is on fire in the Modifieds!! He would get into the top 5. But Terry drove too far to not get a top 5!! He would gas it up and get up to 4th!! Later in the race, a yellow would come out. This time, your LEADER HAS COME TO A STOP ENTERING THE PITS!!! Fito Gallardo, after dominating the first 11 laps, will finish 19 laps shy of the checkered. So, on the restart, Jacob would show the way, with Jimmy Ray and Royal Jones still going at it for 2nd. Royal would win that battle, Jimmy Ray came home 3rd, and "Tip Towing" Terry Tipton came in 4th.