The big boys were back after a month and a half absence from Southern New Mexico Speedway. It was the Renegade ASCS 305 Winged Sprint Cars, with the USRA X Mods, USRA Street Stocks, and the CSR Garage Hornets. 
  Twenty one USRA X Mods checked in for the night's first main event of twenty five laps. With the opening green flag, at the barrel, your front row wasn't even. A yellow comes out, making it a complete restart. At the drop of the green again, another yellow. They couldn't get things rolling. Another yellow came out after only one lap in. On the restart, Patrick Carney was on the move. He was showing the way to the finish, but this driver that passed him, we have seen him do this a lot this season. Hehas  just dominated in street stocks this season, and is starting to in X mods. I am talking about Donavon Flores. He would pass his team mate Carney for the lead. Flores takes it to victory lane.
CSR Garage Dash Winner Larry Maag, Glen's Dash Winner Jack Skillin, Main Event Winners Donavon Flores (Street Stocks & XMods), Larry Maag (Hornets) and Aaron Reutzel (305 Winged Sprints)
    The CSR Garage Hornets were up next to do battle with 15 laps around the Southern New Mexico Speedway. Tuni Molina and David Jay, Jr. on the front row. This first part of the race had Larry Maag going to the lead quickly! Larry was so fast, he left the the whole field behind. But with a couple of laps to go, Larry Maag lost the lead to Tuni Molina!! Tuni was so fast, he made Larry look like he was parked!! Tuni would go to victory lane. In the tech inspection, however, Tuni got DQ'd?!?!?!?!? He didn't have a legal vacuum in his engine. So Larry Maag, who was 2nd, ended up with the win. 
   The USRA Street Stocks main was a good race, and Jason Ziehl went to an early lead. Donavon Flores, after having problems with his engine, would have a hard time gettig around Jason Ziehl. Jerrad Warhurst has been real competitive the last couple of weeks, with two wins in a row at El Paso Speedway Park. Flores, however, went around him. Your leaders were both using the bottom of the track. Jason went up high and opened the door for Flores. So, Donavon Flores picked up 2 wins for the night in his X Mod and the 07 street stock!! 
   The month and a half wait was over for the Renegade ASCS 305 Winged Sprint Cars!! Aaron Reutzel was on the pole. Aaron took off on the green, looking lightning fast.He turned the fast lap in the heats earlier in the evening. Inevitably, a yellow flag was shown. Ot the restart, keep an eye on Lorne Wofford, in the top 5. Lorne, in his new Eagle chassis, had started 8th. The "Dog" Don Grable was also giving the leaders something to worry about. But Reutzel takes off again. Lorne Wofford would catch up. He even passed Aaron for the lead for a little bit until lap traffic came around. But Lorne just couldn't clear him! Aaron Reutzel retakes the lead and goes to victory lane.
by Ruben Mireles