The Southern New Mexico Speedway was attacked by the rumble of the 9,000 RPM engines of the CDM Super Late Models!! It was the return of the CDM Super Late Models Series Presented by Indy Screen Print, along with the USRA Street Stocks, CSR Garage Hornets, and the USRA Limited X Mods. 
   The USRA X Mods had 25 laps for 20 cars. The green waved and the "Las Cruces Bullet" Zach McCoy would get to an early lead, until he spins it. He caused a yellow, and he will go to the back. The restart brought Alex Gonzalez a piece of the lead. Christy Georges would follow. Alex got loose and Christy dodged him, but a yellow still came out. On the restart, Christy was in the lead. But after yellow after yellow, the x mods reached their time limit and officials took 5 laps off. Then, after 9 yellows it became a green-white-checkerd finish. Christy Georges takes the win, and she just got a clean sweep weekend, too.  
20 laps for the USRA Street Stocks, 14 cars checked in. This race was good!! ChemStation added an extra $100.00 to any driver who starts 14th or farther back, and comes to win the race. So Donavon Flores the only driver starting 14th. David Melton (#12) on the pole he would show the way. Donavon did what he did, and got to the front in no time. But not done yet. He's in your runner up spot. You're leader is David Melton. The Alamogordo, NM racer is holding Flores off. Donavon would catch up to him, but he could not make the pass. David and Donavon would go SIDE BY SIDE BY SIDE FOR A COUPLE OF LAPS!!! They battled for the lead. Flores tried to make it happen on the bottom of the track. David Melton just dominated on the top of the racing surface. David Melton beats Donavon!! David Melton goes to victory lane at the Speedway for the first time this season. 
   The CSR Garage Hornets came out and it was a demolition derby!! Twelve cars started, only a few finished.The rush into turn 1 of the first lap took out about 4 cars. Ricky Christian was way off the pace, as he had broken a right front A arm. Then Brenda Carr spun the MR13 of Rudy Tarin the III. On the restart there were only 4 cars left. Larry Maag showed the way, but then Brenda Carr went out of control and she hit the 12 of Larry Maag. He lost speed, so Ben Ives took advantage and took the lead!! Ben Ives takes it to victory lane.
   The CDM Super Late Models Series Presented by Indy Screen Prints was up at last with 24 cars and 30 laps. Lonnie Parker, Jr. was on the pole with Garrett Alberson to his outside. The green waved and Lonnie leads it into the turns but Alberson takes it away down the back straight. Lonnie would battle him for a while but Garrett had the power to pull away. Lonnie, Bumper Jones, and Scott Lewis were right behind him. Later, Scott Lewis spins right in front of your field!! He was running 4th at the moment. He made a huge pile up in turns 3 & 4. Scott will go to the back. On the restart, Bumper would pass Lonnie for 2nd. Bumper now has to get Garrett for the lead. Garrett, so far, still led and lap traffic came in to play until James Laing spins and forces a yellow. Garrett, as usual, was good on the high line. On the restart Fito Gallardo is in 3rd. He will use the low line, he gives it his all. Gallardo can pace bumper,but can't make the pass on the bottom. On the restarts he was good but not good enough. Garrett was still in command. Bumper out of nowhere takes it down low in the exit of turn 4 and makes it stick for a pass on Garrett Alberson. Alberson had nothing in the bottom and Bumper stayed in the high line, picking up his 2nd win of the CDM Super Late Model Series this 2013 season. Garret came home 2nd, Lonnie Parker 3rd, Fito Gallardo 4th, and Mercedes Ambercrombie 5th! If you missed this one, you have to wait until next year to catch the Super Late Models here again.
by Ruben Mireles