Welcome to the Bombers Class / A low budget run what you brung class

1. All cars will have a 108 inch wheelbase or longer, from 1920 to 2014 allowed. Front wheel drive and fuel injected are allowed.
2. All motors and carburetors will remain factory stock. All cars are permitted to be 6 or 8 cylinder engines including big block. Alternators, power steering pumps, etc. will remain in factory positions. No performance enhancing components allowed. Engine will be vacuum pumped and measure no less than 14 inches of vacuum at idle. Must have a 3/16” port in the intake manifold to hook up vacuum gauge.
3. All cars are required to have a roll bar and 2 kickers extending from the top of the roll bar back to the back seat/trunk area made up of 1 ¾ “ pipe with no less than a .095 wall thickness. Absolutely no square tubing, galvanized pipe, or black pipe. Roll bar and kickers will be welded or bolted to the frame or to floorboard using 1/8”X4”X4”. A 4 point cage is recommended.
4. Six ½” bars running from top of windshield to bottom of windshield with screen covering windshield is required. Bars must be solid. No hollow tubing. A racing window net is required for both drive and passenger.
5. All glass, mirrors, interior, sharp objects, lights and chrome will be removed from the car. No gutting of the doors except for clearance for door bars. If you choose to add door bars it is required you have at least 3 door bars.
6. All doors will be welded closed. A 2”x1/8” strap across the doors is required. It will start at the back of the fenders back to the front of the quarter panels.
7. Factory seats and seat belts are allowed. Racing belts are recommended.
8. Front and rear bumpers will have at least a 2”x1/8”x8” strap connecting them to the fender and quarter panels to avoid hang ups on other cars. A looped chain must be bolted to the front and rear bumper so the wreckers will be able to hook and pick up cars needing to be towed to the pits or loaded on trailers. Absolutely no hood scoops.
9. Wheels with an 8 inch maximum width and tires with a 9 inch maximum tread width are allowed.
10. Stock exhaust manifolds with at least 3 feet of exhaust pipe. No headers allowed.
11. It is required that batteries will be securely anchored
12. Transmissions will have stock OEM torque converter and clutch plate.
13. Drivers and passenger are required to have a DOT rated helmet and at least a single layer fire suit. Only one passenger over the age of 16 years old will be allowed.
14. The use of racecievers will be required.

Remember this is a CLAIMER Class. Your car can be claimed for $850.00. Claims on cars shall be made no later than 15 minutes after the A-Main feature and submitted to office, first come, first serve. If you choose to run a racing seat, 5 point harness and a racing fuel cell, they do not go with the car. If a driver or car owner refuses to give up the car to a claim, that driver will be DQed from that race, and season points will be taken away.