The New Mexico State Fair Grounds were packed with a bunch of people as it was the return of the New Mexico State Fair, but the best part of the fair was behind the fair grounds were lies a tricky dirt track, the Southern New Mexico Speedway!! As Friday night the lights were on at the Speedway for the 200 Lap Fall Enduro. Some driver from northern New Mexico joined us to do battle for $2,500. 
  At the start of the race it was a Gary Mays, and Walton Kyle Sr race in the Enduro. A little less then 40 car checked in so not much destruction. So man was Gary Mays fast in his #XX. The Dos X's was just as fast as Walton Kyle Sr. But a little later about the 50 lap point of the race Walton pulled into the infield. He was out of the mix. Next thing you know look who is in 2nd. The "High Roller" Garrett Alberson. Garrett couldn't catch up to Gary though. Gary was actrully about to lap Garrett. Gary would still lead. Later Gary's brother Mike Mays was flying! Mike would come to the top 5. Until Mike got involved in a pile up in turn 4. He broke away but the car just wasn't as fast at the end. 
  As the racers were closing in on the half way point,Gary Mays really didn't like it! Even though he had close to a whole lap lead. Well his car after just being built this week! His car has no more power steering!! So that slowed Gary down just enough for Garrett Alberson to pass him for the lead. Well after Gary leading the most laps in the Enduro, Alberson take control of the party. He would just blister your field. As no one had nothing for Garrett at the end only about 10 cars left on the track, and car parts all over the place. No cars spun on the track. So Garrett would run away and with the 2013 Fall Enduro!! Gary Mays still fought and came home in 2nd.
Garrett Alberson wins the Fall Enduro at the 2013 Sate Fair. MORE PICS.
by Ruben Mireles