With Mother Nature trying her best to put a hamper on the races Saturday night, she made a statement then decided to leave us alone. The return of the CDM Late Model Series along with the USRA Modifieds, USRA Street Stocks and the Hornets was about to give us one great show.
Our first main of the night was the Hornets. Fourteen cars battling for the win. On the front row the MR13 of Rudy Tarin III and the 04 of T. Scott. The green flag drops and the Hornets run a quick clean race. Rudy Tarin Jr. in the 28T charges through the field all the way up to third, however, officials disqualified him in tech. Rudy Tarin II in the MR13 takes the win followed by 74, 12, 44X, 13X, L750, 04, 812, 69, 28, 4, 241, and 62.
    Next up the USRA Modifieds. With 24 cars making the field, the J7 of Jake Boles and the G17 of Fito Gallardo lead the way. With the green flag flying, Jake Boles jumps into the lead only to have the yellow wave for Joey Moriarity out of Glendale Arizona. Joey’s night is a short one, engine failure causes him to be towed to the pits. A Restart with Jake taking the lead again slows to another stop with the #49 of Duane Murphy and the #99 of Terry Tipton making hard contact and ending their night. Out with the green followed by another yellow, this time for Jacob Gallardo’s J17 breaking a pull bar. With 2 laps down, 4 yellow flags, and only 12 cars left, the green drops. The #131 of Royal Jones will lead this lap and the remaining laps, taking the checkered flag with Fito Gallardo on his heels. Your finish was: 131, G17, 111, 9, J7, 28, 19, 82, 18, 32, J16, 44, J17, 7C, 69, 3T, 07, 22, 49, M16, 99, 0, 51.

    Street Stocks are up next for their 15 lap main event. The green flag waves as #25 of Brandon Cruse leads the way. Brandon holds his line for 10 laps until the #07 of Donovan Flores takes the lead. About the same time, the #21Z of Jason Ziehl passes Brandon for second and starts to work on Donovan. Ziehl digs deep and takes the lead but coming out of 3 and 4, Donovan finds the power to overcome Ziehl taking the lead and the checker. The results are: 07, 21Z, 25, 64, 3H, 48T, 4T, 35, 3D, 812, 47, 74, 13H, and 37.

    The CDM Late Model series, sponsored by Indy Screen Print roll onto the track. As the green flag waves, the 22B of Bruce Duckett spins in front of the field. The #99 of Scott Lewis and the #23 of Brad Williams are forced to pit due to the damage caused by the pileup and both return to the back of the field. On the restart, the #19 of Bumper Jones charges into the lead, leaving the #43 of Garrett Alberson and the #24AZ of R.C. Whitwell to duke it out for the runner up spot. Lonnie Parker in his #8P slips past Alberson, but Garrett repasses him for 3rd. Yellow flag and the cars are bunched back up for a Delaware restart. Whitwell chooses the high line which turns out to be a wise move as he holds on to his second spot until the checker flag wave for the #19 of Bumper Jones. The finish was: 19, 24AZ, 43, 8P, 51, 99, 82, 22B, 9, 7, 12A, 89, 21, 23, 85JR, 88, 11, 911, 59, 14, XXX, G17, and 22.
    ​This coming weekend we have the 305 Winged Sprints, the USRA X-Mods, the Street Stocks, and the Legends. We hope to see you “At the Races?.

by Ruben Mireles