The Southern New Mexico Speedway welcomes back the USAC/NMMRA Non Wing Sprint Cars, Legends of the Southwest, USRA X Mods, and the USRA Street Stocks. 
    The X Mods came out first and boy, it was a race of new faces. Glad to see them up there as in the early lead it was the Ricks Performance Center #x15 of Rick Hall. Rick would show the way until he over shot the banking in the back straight entering turn 3. Sherman Barnett was in the mix, as was the "Las Cruces Bullet" Zach McCoy. McCoy had a top 3 car but he would end it with the wires coming off his battery. With 5 to go Christy Georges was in command, but it wasn't over. Henry Valdez, in the 18, was making a push for the lead. In the last lap out of turn 3, after trying an unsuccessful block, she gets passed by the rookie Valdez! Henry would take the win, stopping Georges.In fact, Christy got stopped the whole weekend!! Henry Valdez couldn't believe it, after the checkered he spun in turn 2, he was so excited.
    The USRA Street Stocks came out for their main event. Donavon Flores, looking for his 20th win this season, didn't have it too easy. This time the "Cruse Missle" Brandon Cruse would give him something to worry about, as well as Jason Ziehl.  Donavon would hold them off for his 20th 2013 victory!! 
    In the Legends main event it was a showdown. Brady Labree was trying to pass Dusty Riggs. Riggs would not let him by. Steven Arellano was in 3rd. LaBree would try the bottom of the race track, but Riggs would just get better traction. LaBree came close but failed to make the pass as Dusty Riggs took the win for the Legends, in his Thunder Head Fabrication, Riggs Farms, TA Shop of Las Cruces, Desert Spring Produce, #96 out of Hatch, New Mexico.  
    The USAC/NMMRA Non Wing Sprint Cars were out for their main event and that was DYNAMITE!! In the beginning it was RJ Johnson and "Chargin" Charles Davis, Jr. But the crowd got off their seats and on their feet to cheer on our hometown hero Rick Zeihl! A yellow came out, positioning Zeihl to start 2nd with no lap cars in between. Those last 10 laps were the best laps of this season, as Rick would get the advantage in turn 2 but RJ just better around the whole track. Zeihl would pass him for the lead and RJ would get him back. They were going at it like cats and dogs!! At the end, RJ Johnson saw the white flag, but entering 3 & 4 RJ loses it to Rick Zeihl!! THE CROWD WENT WILD!!! Rick doesn't race is his home town because he runs the 360 engine, but when he runs here Rick Zeihl, gets the job done
by Ruben Mireles