Jake Gallardo Wins USRA Modifieds Feature At SNMS In Las Cruces
    The USRA Dirt Modifieds return to shake the surface of Southern New Mexico Speedway, along with the USRA Street Stocks, Super Trucks, and the CDM Late Models. 
    Super Trucks will have a 15 lap main event. Matt Higby and Kenny Alons are on your front row. The green flag waves and Matt and Kenny are going to go at it. Kenny hits the wall and Sherman will get by Matt Higby. Matt and Sherm will be in front and a yellow waves. On the restart Sherman will get to work, later on he will get Matt Higby for the lead, and take it to victory lane.
    The USRA Street Stocks had 15 cars check in. Flores going to start in the back and is going to give them a head start. The green flag waves and they're off. Martin Robinson will be behind the wheel of the 21z. After winning the $100.00 Trophy Dash, let's see if he can win the main. Martin will be in the lead. Now Brandon Cruse, where has he been? Well, tonight he came towards the front to lead some laps. But Martin will come and pass him. Donavon Flores is coming hot!! He's moving through your field quickly, as he will find himself in 2nd, with about 5 to go. Flores is now one position from the lead. Flores was using the low line, the high line, you name it, he was everywhere trying to get Martin. The white flag waves and Flores knew he had to do something. So out of four FLORES DIVES IT DOWN LOW. HE AND ROBINSON RUB AND FLORES WILL GET MARTIN BY CENTIMETERS!!!!!! Flores didn't lead anything, only the last inch of the race!!!! Donavon Flores is going for the USRA National Point. Right now he is leading it by over One Thousand points. If Donavon wins 3 more main events he will be maxxed out in USRA points, capturing the championship.
    The CDM Late Models come out, and boy did they also put a show!! 13 CDM Late Models made the call. Vanessa Robinson and Donny Newcomb your front row. The green flag waves and the CDM Late Models are on their way. Scott Logston in 7 going in for the lead. Scott Logston is making a huge move in the bottom line, he will take away your lead. Logston will take off and he is gone!! Garrett Alberson is on the move, meanwhile, moving into the top 5. Garrett will work to 2nd. With 2 to go Garret knows it's go time so he will try the bottom but it will not happen. The white flag waves and out of turn four Logston
leads the whole bunch to the end. Garrett dives down low out of four to go for the lead. They will bump and rub, but Logston will win by 300 hundredths of a second!!! Scott Logston taking it to victory lane with a photo finish!!!!!
    The USRA Modifieds come out for there 25 lap main event. Royal Jones going to the back for changing an engine during intermission. The green flag waves with Christy Georges and Jacob Gallardo going at it for the lead already. Gallardo will just dominate through the whole race, Royal coming up but he will get 6th. Bumper Jones started towards the back also. He will come up to get a good top 3. Bumper would go at it with Christy. But they would single file it out. Late in the action, Geroges catches up to GALLARDO!! THEY WILL GO AT IT. CHRISTY HITS A PUDDLE OF WATER AND WILL LOSE THE RACE!!! The closing laps were crazy as Jacob Gallardo took the win.
by Ruben Mireles