McCutcheon Wins Winged Sprint Feature
  With a beautiful sunset and the rising of a full moon, it was time to race at the Southern New Mexico Speedway, Saturday, May 25th. Right before the flag was raised a moment of silence was requested for one of our own. Twenty one year Chris Powers, a crew member of Dylan Harris’s sprint car team, passed away following a tragic dirt bike accident. Our condolences go out to the Powers family.
  Proudly, we bring you the return of the ASCS 305 Sprint Cars, the USRA X-Mods, the USRA Street Stocks and for the first time this year, the Super Trucks. Say no more, lets get to the action.
First main out is the Super Trucks with a 15 lap main event and 9 Super Trucks doing battle. On the front row are Sherman Barnett and Mike Mays. The green flag drops and Walton Kyle Sr in his #6, slides under the trucks in front of him and takes over 3rd. Sherman Barnett leads the way with Walton and Donnie Newcomb battling for second place and right behind them is Kenny Alons.      The action continues as Donnie fights to hold on to that second position while Kenny and Kyle battle with him trying every line to pass with no success. Sherman Barnett sails to the checker in first, with Donnie right behind him. The finish was 82, 44, 6, 2A, 41, 23, 88, 51, and A1.

   Up next is the USRA Street Stocks. The 47 of Jeffrey Maag and the 13 of Aaron Harrison is your front row with 11 cars competing in a 20 lap main. As the green flag drops, 6th starting Donavon Flores flies by his competitors and is in 2nd coming out of turn two with Jason Ziehl right behind him. Jarred Warhurst leads lap one as the battle ensues between Jason and Donavon. Lap three, Donavon takes the lead but not for long as Jason passes him back to become the leader. While this lead change is going on, Brandon Cruse creeps up on Jarred Warhurst taking over 3rd with Miles Widmer making it 3 wide, overtaking Brandon. But it isn’t over yet, #47 of Jeffrey Maag breaks a spring on his car, sending him into a spin, Miles darts to miss him and Brandon beats Miles back to the flag stand as the yellow drops. The restart finds Jason in the lead, Brandon and Donavon fighting for the second spot, with Donavon prevailing. The white flag waves, Donavon puts the pedal to the metal and passes Jason coming out of turns 3 & 4 winning the USRA Street Stock main event and putting the Pine Top Construction, Peter Piper Pizza #07 into victory land again. Jason Ziehl in his #21Z will bring home second, a heat race win, and the dash for cash win. Your finish: 07, 21Z, 25, 35, 7, 4T, 3D, 812, 47, 13, & 64.

   Next, Sherman Barnett and Donavon Flores bring out 24 USRA X-Mods for their 20 lap main event. Sherman will hesitate exiting turn 2 and behind him Christy Georges spins and retires her #44 to the pits too damaged to re-enter the race. Sherman, causing the accidents is black flagged by the officials and also pulls his #82 into the pits. On the restart, Donavon Flores takes the lead as another yellow flies for the #65 of Dustin Smith spinning in turn 2 with the help of Michael Gonzalez. Michael is sent to the back and Smith returns to his position. Up front, Donavon leads the way with John Carney and Gregory Gorham on his bumper, however, coming from 12th place the white 5C of Pat Carney, is on the hunt and passes Gregory without a hitch and begins to drag race his brother John for 2nd. Yellow flag for Michael Gonzalez spinning out, but then the green flag will stay out for the remainder of the race as Pat Carney tries time after time to overtake Donavon Flores with no luck. Donovan brings home his second win of the night. The finish is as follows: 07, 5C, 7C, 33, 93, 65, 14X, 75, 18, 999, 2D, M1Z, 85, X15, 38, R41, 5, 39, 25, 20A, 75J, 44, 82 36K.

   Finally the final main event is the ASCS 305 Sprint Cars. With 18 cars and 25 laps lined up for their feature event, the pace is set with the #1 of “Wild Man� Kyle McCutcheon and the 21TX Brandon Schure leading the way. As the green flag drops, Kyle takes off leaving the pack to do battle behind him only to slow down a lap later for the yellow when #40X Butch Box spins. On the restart, Kyle once again pulls away as do a few other lead cars and the focal point becomes the battle for 6th between #27 of Cesar Fuentes and #131 of Royal Jones. Royal, experiencing engine problems loses the battle with Cesar and is quickly pursued by Derek DeMartino in his newly refurbished 99.5 sprint car. Returning to the front of the pack, 5 laps remain and the #18 of Lorne Wofford overcomes Kyle and takes the lead. With lapped traffic in front of the front runners, Kyle goes high, Lorne goes low, and Kyle regains and holds on to the lead for the win. Lorne comes in second with his son Wes Wofford in third and the hard charging Cesar Fuentes who started 16th places fourth. Your finish is as follows: 1, 18, 19, 27, 21TX, 99.5, 56, 131, 88, 99, 2, 3D, 5, 52, 40X, 36DD, 148, and 98.