The grandstands looked like it was the Fourth of July all over again at the Southern New Mexico Speedway as every seat had a fan! The house was rocking as it was the return of the New Mexico State Fair. It was also the final night of the regular season at the speedway. It was the USRA Dirt Modifieds, USRA Street Stocks, CSR Garage Hornets, and the CDM Late Models.
   The CDM Late Models were great as Scott Logston and Garrett Alberson both going at it for the championship. They would both start in row 5. Well at the green Logston knew he couldn't mess up. Well he didn't and he took off!! Alberson would follow. They got to 2nd and 3rd. When Mercedes Abercrombie passed them!! Man she made that car stick in the bottom perfect entering 3 and 4. She would pass both Logston and Alberson. The girl power came into play for Mercedes. Well she would run away. Jimmy Ray and Donnie Newcomb would battle side by side for about 4 to 5 laps for the top 5! Nita Deetz would hold on to the 3rd spot and Jimmy gave her a little bump. So Jimmy was in the top 5. But in the front Mercedes Abercrombie would take the win for the CDM Late Models followed with Scott Logston, Garrett Alberson, Donnie Newcomb, and the top 5 was Jimmy Ray. The 2013 Championship winner for the CDM Late Models is Scott Logston!!
Fito Gallardo Wins USRA Modifieds Main Event on Fair Night, Mercedes Harris (Late Models), Donavon Flores (Street Stocks), Ben Ives (Hornets). Donavon Flores was Glen's Dash For Cash Winner as well.
  The USRA Street Stocks Donavon Flores really didn't have to race tonight or last week, because he really already has the championship locked in. So Flores would win the championship at both tracks like nothing. But tonight in the main Rudy Munoz would spin right in front of the field in turn 2 of the first lap! So after that Noah Hollingshead would show the way but dang was he battling a loose, and I mean LOOSE racecar! Dawson Manicki was on the move and he came to 2nd!! But later he spun in turn 2 forcing a yellow. But after yellow after yellow Donavon Flores and Jason Ziehl were in the top 5, after starting 14th, and 19th. 
  So Flores would take it away, Jason would try to take it away. Jason was pretty fast. But Donavon Flores would end up winning the last main event of the season.
    Oh boy the CSR Garage Hornets were great!! As Ben Ives is leading the points by 4 points over Benny Pena and Larry Maag!! So Ben would start in the way back! Benny Pena right in front of him. The green flag waves and man did Ben Ives do some work! He came to 2nd in no time! But before that Rudy Tarin FLIPPED IN TURN 2!! But after that happening Ben Ives on the restart he got to the lead and Larry Maag trying to win the championship also. But he came short of it as Ben Ives would win 2 weeks ago and tonight. He was also your 2013 CSR Garage Hornets Championship winner at the Southern New Mexico Speedway!!
    The USRA Dirt Modifieds was a 80 points difference between Christy Georges and Royal Jones. So Christy really had it won, due to Royal missing a race early this year. So check this out 26 CARS MAKING THE CALL!! A full field lined up and man they got the green and it was great! Fito Gallardo would get to an early lead with Bumper Jones, Jacob Gallardo and Royal Jones right behind him. So Royal would try to hold on but Max Sadler finally having a good run after finding a quarter inch bolt on his fuel lines in his car! So tonight that car was making some horse power. He would battle Royal Jones for 4th. Royal would hold on. So after 4 yellows Bumper would try to get Jacob for second. But it all happen when Bumper on a restart let Jacob have the top. So Jacob took off! Bumper tried getting him but that wouldn't happen. Later Jacob would try the bottom. Jacob would show that line to his dad and now Fito took it to the bottom. So Fito would hold on the win the main event. Jacob got 2nd. Bumper Jones settled with a 3rd place finish, Royal Jones 4th. The top 5 was a happy camper from Springerville, Arizona Max Sadler!! Christy Georges was the championship winner at the Southern New Mexico Speedway!!
by Ruben Mireles