A Season Finale With Plenty Of Action
  The Southern New Mexico Speedway was rocking tonight as it was the return of the ASCS 360 National Tour, CSR Garage Hornets, and the USRA X-mods. Bryan Hulbert was back to announce the ASCS 360 Sprint Cars, he will give you the story for the ASCS 360 National Tour.
  In the 20 lap main event for the CSR Garage Hornets, it was a good one. As Tuni Molina would hold on to the runner up spot. Benny Pena would run away with the lead. Ben Ives and George La Rose would battle for 3rd. George La Rose almost spun out the 74 of Ben Ives in the heat race, so this battle was good to watch. George La Rose would catch up with Tuni Molina and get pushed off the track when Tuni came up high!! Ben Ives would settle in the 3rd spot. 
  Later a huge heart brake for the 53 of Molina as more and more white smoke came out of his 53 machine. Officials would ask him to leave the racing surface. Benny Pena just ran away with the lead as he lapped up to the 7th spot! If Benny had one more lap, Benny would of had lapped the top 5. 
  The Chicos Tires, Al's Garage, The Body Works, Alert Muffler, Edgar Digital Computer Electronics, and Auto Zone #13x Penny Pena picking up the win! As he lapped to 7th place. George La Rose came back, and made a recovery to finish 2nd. Rudy Tarin Jr 3rd, Natalie Carabajal 4th, Devon Smith rounded the top 5. 
  The USRA X-mods was one "DYNAMITE" MAIN EVENT!!! As it was a Carney show, Gorham Show and a Flores show. 
  John Carney would show the way early on. Gregory Gorham and Patrick Carney would battle for the runner up spot. While they battled John would extend his lead. Patrick would get around Gregory Gorham later on.
 Later Patrick Carney would try to sneak around John Carney Sr in the high line. They were side by side for 3 laps. Later Gregory Gorham trying to put his name back in the hat. He would take the bottom lane, go all in! Gregory made it 3 WIDE for the lead!! John Carney Sr. would take it low and block the 93 of Gorham. 
  A caution would come out. Patrick Carney would always pick the bottom on the restarts but would always run the high line. An interesting strategy by Patrick Carney. Carney would use the high line while Gregory would try to get around in the bottom. Later Donavon Flores would move up to 4th, after starting 10th! Patrick Carney would fall to Donavon Flores. Patrick to 3rd. Gragory Gorham would get to 2nd. Gregory made it a side by side battle for the lead with John Carney Sr. Then Flores would make it 3 wide for the lead!! Man these guys were square dancing and shuffling all over the place. 
  John Carney Sr would end up stopping Gregory Gorham, and Donavon Flores for the win in his #7c.
Our Winners from the 2013 Season Finale:  David Gravel (ASCS Winged Sprints), John Carney, Sr. (USRA X Mods), Benny Pena   (CSR Garage Hornets).
by Ruben Mireles