The wait is over for the race fans of Southern New Mexico with the return of the ASCS 305 Winged Sprint Cars! Joining them for the night's action were the Casa Nissan Legends of the Southwest, USRA Street Stocks and the USRA X Mods. It was Special Olympics Night also at the Southern New Mexico Speedway. 
   The USRA Street Stocks had 15 cars check in for a 20 lap main event. In the first couple of laps, Casey Preece got loose and created a huge pile up!! Paul Telles, Jr. was tangled up with Brandon Cruse. Telles was on the hook, so was the 25 of Cruse. Both of their nights came to an end. On the restart, Rudy Munoz had the lead. He looked strong for as long as it took Donavon Flores to get through to second. Munoz, in an effort to keep some kind of a lead, over shot turn 3. So, Flores was in control again it seemed. Then, his transmission let go, forcing his retirement for the night as well. Jason Ziehl then took the lead in his 21z. Jason had company though, as David Melton was challenging him for the lead. waiting for his chance, Melton seized an opening and ran away. Jeffrey Maag, in the #47 out of Las Cruces, was giving them a run for their money tonight, Maag would get a 3rd place finish. Jason tried to get David Melton, but Jason needed a yellow. He didn't get one. So, David Melton wins the main event for the USRA Street Stocks.
Sept. 28th Feature Winners: Miles Widmer Glen's Dash Winner, Wes Wofford (Winged Sprints), David Melton (Street Stocks), Christy Georges (XMods), Dusty Riggs (Legends).
   Dusty Riggs really has the championship won for the Casa Nissan Legends at the Southern New Mexico Speedway. He has won almost every single main event this year. So, in the main it's Brady Labree trying to beat Riggs on the last one at Southern New Mexico. Labree had some back luck in the first stages of the race as Steven Arellano spun right in front of him. The yellow came out and since Labree stopped he goes to the back with Steven. So, Dusty Riggs took the lead after the restart. Brady Labree made a comeback!!! He would come to second, but Dusty was gone. Brady praying for a yellow, Labree wouldn't get the yellow so Dusty Riggs would win the main event, and the championship for the Casa Nissan Legends at the Southern New Mexico Speedway. 
   It was USRA X Mod time, and it was good early in the race. Christy Georges took the lead as the cars in front over shoot turns 3 and 4. But, after five yellows, at the end, look who was at the party. Dustin Smith and John Carney, Sr. They both started in row 7!!! They moved up through the field and man, that's hard to do. So Dustin and John Carney, Sr. were battling for 2nd. Donavon Flores and Patrick Carney were going at it for 4th. Alex Gonzalez got in the mix for the top 5 and Alex took it. Patrick fell out of the top 5, but Christy Georges, with a clean sweep weekend, won this one. Dustin Smith came home in 2nd after starting 14th, John Carney, Sr. came in 3rd. Donavon Flores is starting to work that X-mod as he got 4th. The top 5 was Alex Gonzalez in 20a. Patrick Carney wins the USRA X Mods Championship at Southern New Mexico Speedway for 2013.

   The Renegade ASCS 305 Winged Sprint cars was good early in the race, Lorne Wofford was leading. Wes Wofford caught up to him! Wes was probably the only driver that could catch his dad. As Lorne showed the way, with 20 laps to go Wes Wofford passed him!!! The crowed went wild! Wes would show the way, as last night they were going for 2nd. Now they are going for the lead!! Wes would not run away, Lorne would pass him again, they were side by side!!! 
   Wes would get him off his back. Later, Don Grable and Royal Jones were side by side for 3rd. Jones did a solid job as he went to 11th at the start and made a huge recovery, as he was going for the championship. But Lorne would beat Royal for the championship. He is one driver of a few to win both track championships in one year. So, Wes Wofford would come home with the win at the Southern New Mexico Speedway!! Wes has that new Eagle chassis figured out now, it's going to be interesting to see what he does next year, as Wes is going to try to follow the footsteps of his dad and win both championships. 
   It was a good night!! But don't forget, next weekend is the final night of the Southern New Mexico Speedway regular season. Friday night is the 200 lap Fall Enduro. If you do build a car for the Enduro please think safety first!! Saturday night is the USRA Modifieds final points event.
   So hope to see you guys on a double header at the Southern New Mexico Speedway on the New Mexico State Fair weekend.
by Ruben Mireles