Egbert, Josselyn, Gillmore, Harris claim Sunday Rancho Milagro Short Track Shootout wins

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April 22, 2018  |  by Ruben Mireles

G.W. Egbert won the Anthony Sosa Roofing Late Model feature.
G.W. Egbert won the Anthony Sosa Roofing Late Model feature.

Drivers filled the pits with energy to finish the Rancho Milagro Short Track Shootout. Jason Josselyn wins with the Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Cars. Dylan Harris wins five straight with the Casa Nissan Legends of the Southwest. Ryan Gillmore picks up win two of the weekend and G.W. Egbert gets a last turn pass for the Anthony Sosa Roofing Late Model win!

Josselyn the Tularosa, New Mexico driver piloted his 74 USRA Stock Car to victory lane in round three of the Rancho Milagro Short Track Shootout. Josselyn ends his seventy-seven winning drought after starting on the pole and leading from flag to flag in tonight's twenty-five lap feature. Josselyn couldn't be happier after breaking a shock mount on practice night then a transmission on Friday night. Josselyn would slap a "W" on his resume.

C.J. Hulsey gave Harris a huge run for his money tonight as Harris has a huge target on his back. Harris our only winner in 2018 picked up five straight tonight, but Hulsey made it a hard earned one. Hulsey started in row three along Harris's side. Hulsey would joke around as he lead the first lap. Hulsey lead until Harris got him on lap ten. Hulsey would fight back and lead lap eleven. Both drivers swapped the lead a couple times with Harris winning the battle as the reigning 2017 Casa Nissan Legends Southern New Mexico Speedway Champion is on his way for another one!

Gillmore gets two of the three Rancho Milagro Short Track Shootout checks inked up with his name and heads back to the Show-Me State with a heavy pocket. Gillmore started outside row four. The 44jt of Jaime Torres lead the first portion with Josh Cain taking control on lap six. A caution flew on lap ten, and lap fifteen. On the lap fifteen restart Nick Rivera came to life. Gillmore had his hands full battling for second as Rivera made noise. Cain would lose the lead on lap eighteen to Rivera. Three cautions would fly while Rivera had the lead. Gillmore would steal the lead on the restart with three laps to go. River had another shot as a caution flew making it a green, white, checker, but the Springfield, Missouri racer Gillmore would take two of the three main events with the Hacienda Carpet & Tile USRA X-Mods.

Egbert gets one of the biggest wins of his carrier on a last lap pass coming to the checker over "the Hockley Hornet" Austin Theiss. Fito Gallardo lead the first five laps after starting on the pole. Fito Gallardo's engine would call it a life and would cause Jacob Gallardo to slam into him in three and four. Austin Theiss would get the lead. Theiss would tun away as the race track became a bottom grove track. Theiss would breakaway to an impressive lead. Coming to the checker Egbert was on the hammer what looked like runner-up honors until Theiss's right rear Hoosier would blow up! Egbert would win with Theiss falling short due to a blow out! Egbert drives back to the Lone Star State with the fat Rancho Milagro Short Track Shootout check!

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Southern New Mexico Speedway
Rancho Milagro Short Track Shootout
Sunday, April 22, 2018

Showing finishing position, starting position in parentheses, car number, driver and hometown.


"A" Feature:
1. (8) 66 Ryan Gillmore, Springfield, MO
2. (19) 9 Jimmy Ray, Las Cruces, NM
3. (2) 44JT Jaime Torres, Tortugas, NM
4. (7) 8N Nick Rivera, Las Cruces, NM
5. (14) 33 Justin Allen, Las Cruces, NM
6. (4) 3H Noah Hollingshead, Las Cruces, NM
7. (13) 82 Sherman Barnett, El Paso, TX
8. (10) 18G Cooper Guffey, Las Cruces, NM
9. (3) 7C John Carney, El Paso, TX
10. (5) 93 Greg Gorham, Las Cruces, NM
11. (17) 49 Tristin Gattis, El Paso, TX
12. (18) 14 Dawson Manicki, Las Cruces, NM
13. (6) 3J Josh Cain, Rio Rancho, NM
14. (12) X777 Mike Rosales, Las Cruces, NM
15. (9) 88 Nathan Smith, Las Cruces, NM
16. (15) 38 Kevin Clark, El Paso, TX
17. (16) 171 Jed Smith, Las Cruces, NM
18. (11) 47 Mingo Jauregui, El Paso, TX
19. (1) 3 Dickie Gorham, Las Cruces, NM


"A" Feature:
1. (4) 717 G.W. Egbert, Belton, TX
2. (7) 7D Austin Theiss, Hockley, TX
3. (16) 24X Xavier Ortega, Las Cruces, NM
4. (12) 12 Kody Hardage, Canyon Lake, TX
5. (5) 78S Steve Stultz, Peoria, AZ
6. (8) 44 Christy Barnett, El Paso, TX
7. (6) 89 James Laing, Tucson, AZ
8. (11) 47 Clay Gossett, Albuquerque, NM
9. (14) 01 Dave Deetz, Las Cruces, NM
10. (13) 88 Donnie Newcomb, El Paso, TX
11. (17) 66 Sam Alonso, El Paso, TX
12. (10) 114 Marshall Hooter, Albuquerque, NM
13. (15) 22 Jonathon Ortega, Las Cruces, NM
14. (2) 32B Clay Daly, Watsonville, CA
15. (3) J17 Jake Gallardo, Las Cruces, NM
16. (1) G17 Fito Gallardo, Las Cruces, NM
17. (9) 3 Javier Zapien Jr., El Paso, TX


"A" Feature:
1. (6) 4Z Dylan Harris, El Paso, TX
2. (4) 1I Daniel Blaeser, La Mesa, NM
3. (3) B52 Cameron Sogge, Sheppard AFB, TX
4. (1) 11 Lucas Ward, El Paso, TX
5. (2) 77 Michael Gonzalez, El Paso, TX
6. (16) 902 Mike Zuloaga, El Paso, TX
7. (17) 1X Tom Zuloaga, Horizon, TX
8. (13) 05 Aasa Flores, Las Cruces, NM
9. (12) 717 Teddy McCutcheon, Alamogordo, NM
10. (9) 77E Eric LeCroix, El Paso, TX
11. (7) 1 Eli Woody, El Paso, TX
12. (15) 9 Tyler Beiter, El Paso, TX
13. (18) 45Z Chris Smith, El Paso, TX
14. (10) 8 Ayden Saunders, El Paso, TX
15. (11) 08 Peter Smith, Las Cruces, NM
16. (8) 4 Chelsea Scott, Las Cruces, NM
17. (14) 3 Greg McCoy, Las Cruces, NM
18. (5) 0I CJ Hulsey, El Paso, TX


"A" Feature:
1. (1) 74 Jason Josselyn, Alamogordo, NM
2. (7) 07 Donavon Flores, Las Cruces, NM
3. (3) 171 Jed Smith, Las Cruces, NM
4. (6) 64 Cary White, La Mesa, TX
5. (4) 00 Shawn McCarty, Carlsbad, NM
6. (8) 717 GW Egbert, Belton, TX
7. (11) 007 Tony Hill, Cortez, CO
8. (5) 59 Travis Sutherlin, Aztec, NM
9. (10) 26 Allen Bradley, Farmington, NM
10. (15) 0H Shane Helton, Artesia, NM
11. (2) 777 Pete Vargas, Las Cruces, NM
12. (9) 3 Josh Reynolds, Alamogordo, NM
13. (17) 53 Garrett Stearns, El Paso, TX
14. (14) 11 Cliff Evrage, Las Cruces, NM
15. (13) 7 Cecil Fanning, Rio Rancho, NM
16. (12) 195 Michael Sheen, La Mesa, TX
17. (16) G3 Brian Craighead, Farmerville, LA