Rain, rain... just a delay

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August 11, 2018  |  by Sarah Q. Stevens

The track would look perfect as we arrived to the Southern New Mexico Speedway at around 5pm. It would be hard packed and ready for Mother Nature to drop some rain on it. The rain would elude SNMS for about 2 hours. In the meantime, in light of the drought, Dean Nesbitt would add some water to the track. Mother Nature would wait until the Wingless Warrior 360 non wing Sprint Cars would make their way to the track to roll it in and hot lap. The rain would delay the races about 2 hours. But as many of you already know, we aren’t known to cancel for a little rain.

We would start the night late with the Super Trucks. Due to weather conditions, we would lose the 44 and 82 of the Barnetts before the first green would wave. The first heat would be won by the #72 of Bryan Christie. Heat 2 would belong to the 01 of Gary Melton. The Main Event would be an eventful and fast race. The Uno of Brian Kleine would make his way to the front and not look back. Lloyd Duffey would race his way through the field as well to finish 2nd. Todd Froats would have a solid 3rd place finish. He would battle with the 01 of Melton throughout the latter part of the race, for that finish. Melton would come in 4th. Bryan Christie in his #72 machine would round out the top 5. We would see the 6 of Walton Kyle, Sr. spin out in 3 and 4 and fall to the back of the track. We would also see well known asphalt racer Vanessa Robinson run the 6V and have a solid finish coming in 8th.

The Claimers would hit the track next. With 11 Claimers checking in for tonight’s racing action. Heat 1 would belong to the 53 of Ryan Apodaca. Heat 2 would belong to the MR13 of Rudy Tarin III. The Main event would start out with a battle between the 13M of Kelly Moore and the 22T of Jamie Torres. The 22T would make contact with the 13M coming out of turn 4 fairly early in the race. This would send both cars to the back, and give the lead to the 53 of Apodaca. The 48 of Ricard Smith would make his way to the front and not look back. Kelly Moore would battle back to the front after having to go to the tail. He would wheel his 13M to a 2nd place finish. The 55 of Dylan Miller would hold his car together and avoid trouble to finish 3rd. Behind him would be the 53 of Ryan Apodaca. The 24B of Art Davis would round out the top 5. After a late race yellow, it’s worth mentioning that Rudy Tarin III would bring his MR13 machine back up to finish 6th.

The would only be 4 Mini Sprints checked in for tonight’s racing action. In what was announced their last season with us, as the Vado track will be too big. Jody Lawhorn would have a clean sweep of both the lone heat race and the Main. The 17 of Lawhorn, would lap the entire field in the A Main. The 15E of Brian Baca would come in 2nd in the Heat race, however he would break on the first lap of the A Main and end up off the track. Leaving 2nd place to the #3 of Drew Cassidy who finished 3rd in heat race action. Rounding out the top 4 would be the 5 of Christian White in not only the heat race, but the Main as well.

The USRA Stock cars would have 8 cars check in. With only one heat, we would see substitute driver Jake Gallardo in the 777 come home the winner in heat race action. The $1,000 to win A Main would find Donovan Flores in his 07 machine come home 2nd. Jake Gallardo would run out of laps in his quest to catch and pass Donovan and take home the big pay day. Mark Morris would be right behind Donovan in their attempt to get to the 07. However, once he made it to the front, it was all the 07. Lap traffic wouldn’t slow him down to allow Gallardo or Morris to catch him or possibly pass him. Wyatt Loveland in the 97 would finish 4th for the night in the Main. Followed by the 81K of Devon Jobin.

The Wingless Warriors were back in town. With 16 of them checked in, they would run 2 heat races. Heat 1 would belong to the #42 of Caleb Saiz. Mike Martin would come in a close 2nd. Michael Fanelli would be victorious in heat 1 with Robert Marfia coming in 2nd in his 24 machine. The Main event would be 30 laps of fast racing. The first 2 laps we would lose both the 20Z of Rick Ziehl as well as the 88 of Matt Ziehl and they would make contact with each other in turns 3 and 4. Robert Herrera in the #9 would be the next car to leave the track due to mechanical failure. Unfortunately, the 15 of Ricky Holden would once again flip. He would leave the track next. Ultimately, only 8 cars would finish the race. Mike Martin would lead the vast majority of the race in his #16 machine. However as the laps ticked off, Shon Deskins in the #7 car would become faster and faster and pass #16 to win the race. Martin would settle in to a 2nd place finish with the 148 of Don Grable coming in 3rd. The 09 of Bill Waltman would come in 4th and Jr. Bonesteel in his 0 machine would round out the top 5.

31 USRA Modifieds would originally check in for the night. The rain delay would leave us with only 19 Modifieds racing. Heat 1 would belong to the J17 of Jake Gallardo. Heat 2 would see the 28 of Tom Georges victorious Heat 3 would belong to current points leader Bumper Jones. Unfortunately for Bumper Jones, Fito Gallardo in his G17 would spin collecting the 111 early in the A Main. Sending both cars to the back. For the first part of the race, we would see positions 1 and 2 swapping between the 86 of Jared Perez and the 28 of Tom Georges. Jake Gallardo would get by them both as well as the 65x of Carlos Ahumada to take the lead. Following right behind Jake Gallardo would be the 131 of Royal Jones. And Fito would find his way back to the front running a solid 3rd. Royal Jones would be .3 seconds faster than Jake for about 7 laps. Finally as they got into lap traffic, Jones would squeeze by Jake and take the lead. Just as the top 3 passed the start finish line, we would go yellow for a spun car on the top of turn 2. Unfortunately, as only 4 cars has crossed, that lap would not count. We would restart back to the last completed lap. Jake Gallardo in in his J17 would retain his lead for the last 4 laps. The restart would not be as smooth or as fast for Royal Jones and he would fall back to 3rd with FIto Gallardo getting by him for the 2nd place spot on the restart. Carlos Ahumada Jr. would wheel the 65X machine to a 4th place finish and Bumper Jones in the 111 would find his way back up front rounding out the top 5.

It was worth sticking around tonight. Thank you to everyone who stayed with us through the rain delay and enjoyed the racing tonight. Next week, the wings come back on with the Lucas Oil POWRi 305 winged sprint cars, The USRA X Mods, the Late Model, USRA Stock Cars, and the Casa Nissan Legends. We look forward to seeing you all out here next Saturday Night. As always, gates open at 5 pm and Mother Nature allowing, racing starts at 7:45 pm.