Not flawless, but almost as close as it gets

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August 25, 2018  |  by Sarah Q. Stevens

Thirty-two Modifieds would check in tonight for racing action. Yes, you read that correctly, 32. With 24 making the A either through heat race action and passion points, or by way of the B Main. We would start the 30 lap A Main and no sooner that the cars made their way through turns 1 and 2 would Jake Gallardo take the lead. And never look back. It wasn’t flawless with at least 3 times throughout the race, Gallardo would look like he either stumbled a little or missed his mark. But it would not be enough of either to give Bumper Jones in the 111 or Jimmy Ray in the 9 a chance to get around him. It would prove to be as close as it gets to flawless for the young Gallardo.

We would start the Saturday night of racing with the Super Trucks. With 16 Super Trucks checked in for racing action, we would have 2 heat races. And heat 1 would belong to Lloyd Duffey in his #33 machine. Bryan Christie would finish a close 2nd to Duffey in the #72 Super Truck. Heat 2 would be all the 01 of Gary Melton with the L750 of Todd Froats coming in a close 2nd. The Main Event would belong to heat 1 winner Lloyd Duffey. He would take the lead and maintain it throughout the various restarts due to cautions. It would be the hard charging 44 of Christy Barnett that would run out of laps to catch and pass Duffey. Moving a total of 14 positions to come in 2nd after starting 16th. Rusty Bowen in the #98 would come in 3rd followed by Sherman Barnett in the #82 in 4th and Walton Kyle, Sr would round out the top 5.

The USRA stock cars would be next with their 2 heats of racing action. Heat 1 victory would go to the #8 of Mark Smith. Heat 2 would see the 777 this weekend piloted by none other than Royal Jones, win in commanding fashion. The Main Event would lose Jason Josselyn in the #74 who unfortunately would not start the Main Event. Mark Morris would take the lead within the first handful of laps. And remain out front despite charges from the 07 of Donovan Flores as well as the #81 of Tyler Beiter early in the race and the 171 of Jed Smith. Donovan would finish 2nd to Morris as he simply could not catch the flawless performance of Morris. Jed Smith in the 171 would make his way back up front after bringing out a caution and having to be sent to the back and finish 3rd. Tyler Beiter would drive the #81 machine to a 4th place finish and Royal Jones in the 777 would round out the top 5 after having to go to the back as well for bringing out the caution as well.

The Claimers would be the next to hit the track. They also would have 2 heat races. With some new faces, it would be the 96X of Herman Garcia from Espanola taking heat 1 in his debut performance at Southern New Mexico Speedway. Heat 2 would belong to the #79 of Chris Marsh. The Main Event would look a lot like heat 1. Herman would find his 96X machine out in front and battling to stay there. With contact that was initiated in turns 1 and 2 and ultimately ended in 3 and 4, his night would come to an end. Along with several other cars including fellow Espanola racer and new comer Johnathon Lopez. However, tracks point leader Stefnie Smith would find herself taking home her first win tonight in her 87S machine. Kelly Moore in the 13M would fall in to the 2nd position. Chris Marsh in the #79 would come in 3rd. Gabriel Ledesma would get through the yellows and the red to finish 4th with Adam Burma and the #62 rounding out the top 5.

And then here come the USRA Modifeds. With 4 stacked heats, drawing the #1 pill for the night Donovan Flores would win Heat 1 in his USRA A Modified. Fito Gallardo would hard charge his way from 7th to win heat 2 in the G17. Jake Gallardo would be almost as impressive in heat 3 coming from 6th place to in heat 3. And Ralph Adams, Jr would bring home the win in heat 4. B Main racing action would find the 82X of Heath Grizzle winning. He would take along with him to the A: Royal Jones, Max Sadler, Jaime Torres, Carlos Ahumada Sr., Robert Adams, Sherman Barnett, and Eric McNutt. The A Main would start off fast and furious. Jake Gallardo would take the lead almost immediately in turn 2. Bringing with him the #9 of Jimmy Ray and #111 of Bumper Jones. It would seem that those 3 cars were shot out of a cannon. The best battles of the night would be the sliding back and forth between the 9 and the 111. In one of the afore mentioned stumbles or simple missing of the mark, it looked like the 111 would have enough to get around Gallardo, but he would have to settle for a 2nd place finish. Which was no easy task as Jimmy Ray in the 9, Carlos Ahumada Jr. in the 65X, the 131 of Royal Jones, and the G17 of Fito Gallardo at several times through out the race were within striking distance for 2nd place. Bumper would finish in 2nd, with Jimmy Ray in the #9 finishing 3rd and holding off the 65X of the younger Ahumada who would settle with a 4th place finish and the 131 of Royal Jones would round out the top 5. Unfortunately for Royal, he would not make the move to the top line soon enough and would get shuffled back to that 5th place finish. When running the mid to top of the track, it looked like Royal would slide right passed Jimmy and Bumper at one point in turns 1 and 2. But they would find something up high and get there sooner than the 131. No one had a flawless race, but Jake was as almost as close as it gets tonight. Congratulations to all of our winners for the weekend.

Don’t forget that next weekend we are racing not only Saturday Night, but Sunday as well. Can’t wait to see you all back out at the races.