Deskins holds on to win Night 1

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September 1, 2018  |  by Sarah Q. Stevens

It would be Shon Deskins in his #7 non-wing sprint car to hold on to that high line and take the victory. Deskins would patiently wait for the opportunity to make his move and take the lead in Night 1 of the Non-Wing Sprint Car Border Tour.

Night 1 would start with the USRA Stock Cars. 11 Stock Cars would check in and they would run only 1 heat. And that heat would belong to the 171 of Jed Smith. Smith would power himself around the 48T of Paul Telles Jr. early in the race. And it would be smooth sailing for Jed for the remainder of the heat race. Paul Telles Jr. would finish 2nd and the #10 piloted by Bryan Bennett would come in 3rd for heat race action. Jed Smith in the #171 would win not only the heat, but the A Main event as well. He would be able to hold off the 07 of Donavon Flores with help from a lapped car who would push, and Flores would find himself temporarily off the track. Unable to recover, Jed would stay out front with ease. Donavon would come in a close 2nd. Wyatt Loveland would have a solid run in his #97 machine coming in 3rd. Bryan Bennett would come in 4th in the #10. Paul Telles, Jr would round out the top 5 in his 48T machine.

Next on the track would be the Casa Nissan Legends. With 19 cars checked in, they would have 3 heat races. Heat 1 would belong to the returning Josh Jackson in his #37 racecar. Heat 2 would belong to Chelsea Scott. And heat 3 would find the 4Z of Dylan Harris back in the winner’s circle. In main event action, the 4z would make his way to the front within the first 5 laps of the 20-lap main event. It would be a dance behind him for several laps. Daniel Blaeser would have a peak at Harris, but he would finish the race in 2nd place in his 1I. Gunner Harris would make a late race charge and finish 3rd for the night. Eli Woody in his #1 car would finish 4th. And after a long-anticipated return, the 1x of Tom Zuloaga would round out the top 5.

We would have 4 mini sprints check in for racing action. The one and only heat race would be ultimately in a last lap pass, be won by the #8 of Nick Kelly. It what looked like a stumble of the #17 of Jody Lawhorn the #8 and the 15E of Brian Baca would get by Lawhorn right as they came to the checkered flag. The Main Event would be smooth sailing for the #8 Nick Kelly who would win. Bringing behind him the #17 of Jody Lawhorn finishing 2nd. Brian Baca in the #15E would finish 3rd. Drew Cassidy would pilot her #3 to a 4th place finish. And Christian White in the #5 would round out the field.

With 24 X Mods originally checked in, we would have 4 heats of racing action. Tonight’s racing format would be a little different that a regular night, as all X Mods would pill draw and their main would be determined by passing points. Heat 1 would be long to Dickie Gorham. Gorham started 4th in the lineup and came to the front to take the win. Heat 2 would be Justin Allen in his #33 coming from 2nd to take the win. Gregory Gorham in the #93 would start 2nd and finish first in his heat #3. Josh Cain in his 3J would have the most passing points of the nigh. He would blast to a first-place finish after starting 5th in Heat 4. The Main Event would line up with the 52TX on the pole. And he would hold on to that starting position, to find himself back in the winner’s circle. Congrats Paddy Rush, it has been a long time coming. Justin Allen would come in a very close 2nd in his #33 machine in the cleanest racing we have seen in this class to date. Josh Cain in the 3J would finish 3rd. Mingo Jauregui would drive his #47 machine to a 4th place finish. And Nathan Smith would round out the top 5 in his #88 racecar.

The 360 Non- Wing/NMMRA Sprint Cars would have 3 heats of racing action. Heat 1 would belong to the #13 of Dennis Gile. Shon Deskins would be victorious in heat 2 in his #7 racecar. And El Paso Native Don Grable, would win heat 3 in his 148 machine. There would be some rubbing, some racing, and some aggressive driving in the 30-lap main event. We would lose Colt Treharn to a wild flip down the back straight early in the race. CJ Hulsey would find his #77 machine upside down right off of turn 2. Prior to his flip, Hulsey and the #24 of Marfia would get together at the bottom of turns 1 and 2. With only 10 laps in and our 2nd red, drivers in their cars would be interviewed. The veteran non-wing drivers would agree, it was pretty early in the race to be so aggressive. After running first for the majority of the race, Kyle McCutcheon would find himself 2nd after a high line pass from Deskins coming out of 3. Gile at that time would be running 3rd. There would be a yellow brought out and both cars the 2 and 13 would be sent to the back for rough driving with 6 laps to go. McCutcheon would park his car after being sent back. Gile would be able to race back to an 8th place finish. Shon Deskins would not lose the lead once he got it. He would bring with him the 148 of Don Grable who would get around the #41 of Casey Shuman who would finish in 3rd. Michael Fanelli would pilot his #2 to a 4th place finish. And Caleb Saiz in the #42 would round out the top 5.

It was a great night of racing that we can’t wait to redo Sunday. Remember that gates open at 5pm and racing will begin at 7:45 pm. We look forward to Night 2.