Holy Cow race fans, that was Dynamite

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September 2, 2018  |  by Sarah Q. Stevens

Eventual winner Caleb Saiz leads Dennis Gile during 360 Non-Wing Sprint Car Border Tour action.
Eventual winner Caleb Saiz leads Dennis Gile during 360 Non-Wing Sprint Car Border Tour action.

In my 13 years in the tower, I have had the pleasure of listening to the very best announcers. And in the words of Bryan Hulbert and Ruben Mireles, two of my personal favorites. I can sum up tonight’s racing action by simply saying: “Holy Cow race fans” (Bryan Hulbert) that was “DYNAMITE’ (Ruben Mireles). And that would be the most accurate description of tonight’s 2nd night of the 360 Non-Wing Border Tour. We would start off the racing action with a track that was a little heavy for the heat races, but perfect for the A Mains.

The USRA Stock cars would once again start off racing action with 2 heats.  Heat 1 would belong to the #7 of Andrew Fanning. He was able to hold off the #3 of Josh Reynolds to come to the checkered in the number 1 finishing position.  Heat 2 would belong to the 48T of Paul Telles, Jr. Telles would off the #97 of Wyatt Loveland to win his race. The Main would start off with a very strong run by the #7 of Fanning. He would lead most of the race. The 171 of Jed Smith would shoot out of a cannon within the first part of the race and settle in behind Fanning. It would be incidental contact lapping the 87s of Stefnie Smith that would end the night of the #7 before the race was over. Jed Smith would be able to keep his car moving after making limited contact as well. Jed would take the lead and never look back. He was the fastest car on the track tonight in the USRA Stock Cars. Donovan Flores would try his hardest but would settle for a 2nd place finish tonight in his 07. Paul Telles, Jr would come in 3rd. Wyatt Loveland in the #97 would edge out the 74 of Jason Josselyn for 4th. Josselyn would fall in 5th.  It would be a clean sweep this week for Jed Smith, always impressing the crowd with his post-race fence climbing. He would save bringing out the actual broom for his interview at the end of all racing action.

The Casa Nissan Legends would be next to hit the track in their 2 heats. Teddy McCutcheon would be victorious in Heat 1. Heat 2 would be won by another Alamogordo native with Dave Smith bringing home the win in his 11D machine. The Main Event would be an exciting race. With several different leaders, as well as a long list of drivers’ making it through the field. Most impressive, would be Josh Jackson back behind the wheel of his #37 Legend to come from a 15th place start to win the Main Event.  2nd place would belong to Daniel Blaeser in the 1I machine who would come from 9th place. The B52 of Cameron Sogge, who had lead a few laps early on himself, would finish 3rd. Eli Woody in the #1 would settle in for a 4th place finish after starting 12th in the field himself. And Gunner Harris would round out the top 5 after starting 8th. One can simply not do justice to the amazing racing and passing that was being done throughout the entire Main Event for the Casa Nissan Legends. It was a nail biter and an exciting race. Remember when I mentioned several times about the High Desert Videos that are available for purchase from Ed? I would suggest adding this week’s racing action to your collection.

We would see the same 5 mini sprint cars check in for racing action tonight. The only difference being that the 3 mini sprint would be piloted by Ken Ruble and not Drew Cassidy for racing action. With Cassidy locked in as the 2018 SNMS mini sprint champion, she would relinquish her ride and let Ruble have some fun. The #17 of Jody Lawhorn would not let anyone get by him tonight in heat race action. He  With a lot of passing and great racing, the #3 of Ken Ruble would come in a very close 2nd. Brian Baca would pilot his 15E to at 3rd place finish. Kelly in the 8 and White in the 5 would finish 4th and 5th respectfully.

Inadvertantly, I forgot to write up about the Late Model race that took place Saturday night. So, I apologize. But quick recap of the Main Event, Jake Gallardo showed up late and absolutely put on a clinic. Now that we are all caught up, tonight’s racing action would find 9 Late Models checked in. Heat race action would find the 22 of Jonathon Ortega smoking the field with little brother Xavier coming in 2nd. The Main Event would not be as kind to either Ortega brother initially. Within the first 2 laps, Fito Gallardo piloted the J17 and the 24X of Xavier Ortega would make contact and both have to restart at the tail of the field. A few laps later, Jonathan Ortega would find himself also involved in a yellow and have to restart in the rear as well. And the latter yellow, would move Gallardo and Xavier Ortega back closer to the front. And that’s all they would need.  It would be the J17 of Fito Gallardo who would come in 1st in commanding fashion. Much like his son’s performance the night before. The X24 would have the fastest of the lap times but come in 2nd.  Carlos Ahumada Jr. would finish in 3rd in the #54 after an intense going back and forth with the X24. Jonathon Ortega would come in 4th in his #22. Eric McNutt in the 5M would round out the top 5.

We would have 26 USRA X Modifieds check in for racing action tonight. Heat 1 would belong to the #93 of Greg Gorham. Heat 2 would belong to the 7C of John Carney. Heat 3 would find the 88 of Nathan Smith victorious. And Saturday night’s winner Paddy Rush in the 52TX would be the winner of Heat 4.  The Main Event would have Nathan Smith behind the wheel of his #88 on the pole. Smith would never lose the lead. He would have as close to a perfect race as one can have. He would hit every mark and hold off charges from several of the best in the class. Jake Gallardo after giving up his Late Model to his Dad, would take his chance with the X Mod. And it would be the J17 coming from his 22nd start position to come in 2nd. Josh Cain would hold on to his tire that looked like it was about to go down at any lap finishing in 3rd in the 3J. Jaime Torres in the 44JT would finish in 4th. Justin Allen would himself finishing top 5 in the #33 after having to replace a tire late in the Main Event and come from the back.

In the last race of the non-wing sprint cars at SNMS, we would once again have 3 heat races.  Travis Oldfield would win Heat 1 in his #38. Saturday Night’s feature winner Shon Deskins would win Heat 2 in his #7 machine.  The 24 of Robert Marfia would be the winner of Heat 3.  The Main Event would find the crowd favorite of Shon Deskins out within the first 2 laps after contact with the wall on the initial start.  CJ Hulsey would lead the most of the A Main Event. However, late in the race, the 42 of Caleb Saiz would make his way around Hulsey, with Casey Shuman in the #41 following him even after having to be sent to the back of the field for changing a tire. The 77 of Hulsey would finish in 3rd place. With Don Grable in the 148 making his way up to 4th after also having to go to the back for contact between him and Dennis Gile earlier in the race.  Robert Marfia in the #24 would round out the top 5.

We have had some of the very best non-wing racing action over the years at SNMS. We would like to thank the drivers, the crews, the workers and all involved for the memories over the years. I would also recommend that you pick up this weekend’s video of racing action. My words are not nearly as accurate as “Holy Cow Race Fans” that was “Dynamite”.