Fito Gallardo Charges to the Front

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September 8, 2018  |  by Sarah Q. Stevens

It would be Fito Gallardo in the G17 starting 9th in the Modified A Main charging to the front, to take home the win. We would have 30 modifieds check in, with 25 taking the initial green flag. And Gallardo would hold on to win the A Main in commanding fashion.

The Super Trucks would start out the racing action with 2 heats of Super Trucks. Heat 1 would belong to the #16 of Dennis McMaster. McMaster would hold off Christy Barnett in her #44 Super Truck to win in heat race action. Heat 2 would find Bryan Christie an up and coming driver taking the checkered flag and the in. Gary Melton in the 01 would settle in behind for a 2nd place finish. The Main event would be run in a field of daisies. Just kidding, we ran it on the track, but there were a bunch of yellows. Similar to a field of daisies. Christy Barnett would take the lead early and hold on to it despite the multiple yellows. Bryan Christie in the #72 truck would run a steady and smooth race and finish in 2nd. Lloyd Duffey in his #33 truck would make his way through the field and come in 3rd. Russell Allen would fall back to a 4th place finish in his #5 truck. And rookie Patrick Beach would wheel his #1 super truck to finish rounding out the top 5.

There would be only 11 USRA Stock cars checking in tonight. In the first of 2 heats, Wyatt Loveland in the #97 would come home with the win. Paul Telles Jr. in the 48T would come in a close 2nd. Heat 2 would belong to the 777 driven tonight by Pete Vargas. Bryan Bennett in the #10 would come in 2nd in heat race action. The Main Event would find Jed Smith in the 171 take the lead after being sent to the back within the first few laps for his involvement in an early race caution. For the 3rd time in as many races, Jed Smith would climb the wall again after his win. Jason Josselyn would find hard throughout the race and come in 2nd. Paul Telles, Jr. would finish 3rd. Bryan Bennett in his #10 and Donavon Flores in his 07 would round out the top 5 respectively.

In a late addition to the schedule, we would have 19 USRA X Modifieds check in for racing action tonight. They would race for only National Points, and no track points. With a pill draw and passing points racing format. Heat 1 would find the X777 of Mike Rosales take the checkered flag with the win. Heat 2 would belong to the 8N of Nick Rivera. And Greg Gorham holding off his Dad Dickie Gorham would win Heat 3. The top 8 in passing points would redraw, and that would put the 8N of Nick Rivera on the pole. And he would not stumble or look back. He would hold off and put on a racing clinic. Leading from the drop of the green to the drop of the checkered. Josh Cain normally piloting his 3J would be driving the 171 generally ran by Jed Smith. He would finish a very strong 2nd in tonight’s A Main. Greg Gorham would finish 3rd. Justin Allen would come in 4th after battling up front. It would be the J17 of Jake Gallardo rounding out the top 5.

The Claimers would have 13 cars check in for racing action tonight. Kelly Moore in the 13M would win Heat 1. Heat 2 would belong to the #48 of Richard Smith. The Main event would see a lot of cars not finish, end up in the infield. Art Davis in the 24B would be the first one to quietly limp into the infield. Stefnie Smith would not go so quietly. She would lose her motor in a large white puff of smoke. However the BIG news of the racing action, would be the winner. For his first win at Southern New Mexico Speedway, it would be Santa Fe’s Alfred Hicks in his #52 claimer coming in 1st. Richard Smith in the #48 would make his way from the back after being involved with a caution, to come in 2nd. Chris Marsh, who would also find himself coming from the back forward, would come in 3rd in the #79. Adam Burma would finish 4th in the #62. And the top 5 would be rounded out by the #53 of Ryan Apodaca.

There would be 30 USRA Modifieds check in tonight for racing action. With his best pill draw of the season, Tom Georges in his #28 would start 1st and finish that way in Heat 1. Heat 2 would belong to the #85 of Austin Adams . Jake Gallardo in the J17 would win Heat 3. Christy Barnett would be victorious in Heat 4. We would run a B main. However, with 2 laps Carlos Ahumada, Sr. would take a ride on the wall down the front straight. We would lose part of the catch fencing under the shaken flag stand, and a light. But the driver would be okay. Due to the delay, and since there were 9 cars left on the field at the time of the ride, we would take them all on to the A Main. And it would be the G17 of Fito Gallardo holding off his son Jake Gallardo in the J17 for the win. Jake would miss scales and tech, going to his pit area prior to going to scale and tech. This would result in a post-race disqualification for the J17. Bumper Jones would find the lane at the very top of the track in his 111. And he would come within a few car links of both Gallardos. However, due to an error with the scorer in the tower (that would be me), we would only run 25 laps and not 30. There is no way to determine what could have been done in those 5 laps not run. But there is no doubt that Bumper had a run that was going to be hard to hold off. Carlos Ahumada, Jr. in his 65X would finish out top 3. Ahumada Jr., would run up front for the entire race. Robert Adams would wheel the 50R to a 4th place finish. Roberts also, would try to make that high line work for him and a late race push to the front. The M16 of Rick Gallardo would round out the top 5.