Bloomquist enters Budweiser USRA Fall Nationals
Officials are excited to announce that Scott Bloomquist will be piloting a USRA Modified owned and prepared by Scott Brothers Racing for this year's “Last Dance in Las Cruces.”  read more

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Charging to the front, up high
Several new nicknames came out of tonight’s PowRI 305 Sprint Car A Main event. Most notable was Derek DeMartino being called the “High Side Hustler”. And there was no doubt as to why. He charged to the front, up on the very high line; in commanding fashion. DeMartino would make his way around the 15 of Ricky Holden coming out of 1 and 2, an … read more

Fito Gallardo Charges to the Front
It would be Fito Gallardo in the G17 starting 9th in the Modified A Main charging to the front, to take home the win. We would have 30 modifieds check in, with 25 taking the initial green flag. And Gallardo would hold on to win the A Main in commanding fashion. The Super Trucks would start out the racing action with 2 heats of Super Trucks. Heat 1 would b … read more

Holy Cow race fans, that was Dynamite
In my 13 years in the tower, I have had the pleasure of listening to the very best announcers. And in the words of Bryan Hulbert and Ruben Mireles, two of my personal favorites. I can sum up tonight’s racing action by simply saying: “Holy Cow race fans” (Bryan Hulbert) that was &ld … read more

Deskins holds on to win Night 1
It would be Shon Deskins in his #7 non-wing sprint car to hold on to that high line and take the victory. Deskins would patiently wait for the opportunity to make his move and take the lead in Night 1 of the Non-Wing Sprint Car Border Tour. Night 1 would start with the USRA Stock Cars. 11 Stock Cars would check in and they would run only 1 heat. And that  … read more

Not flawless, but almost as close as it gets
Thirty-two Modifieds would check in tonight for racing action. Yes, you read that correctly, 32. With 24 making the A either through heat race action and passion points, or by way of the B Main. We would start the 30 lap A Main and no sooner that the cars made their way through turns 1 and 2 would J … read more

Rained Out
Due to inclement weather and wet conditions, the races for Saturday, Aug. 18, were canceled at the Southern New Mexico Speedway. … read more

Rain, rain... just a delay
The track would look perfect as we arrived to the Southern New Mexico Speedway at around 5pm. It would be hard packed and ready for Mother Nature to drop some rain on it. The rain would elude SNMS for about 2 hours. In the meantime, in light of the drought, Dean Nesbitt would add some water to the track. Mother Nature would wait until the Wingless Warrior 36 … read more
POWRi 305 Winged Sprint Car Highlights 4/7/18
POWRi 305 Winged Sprint Car A-Main highlights from the Interstate Batteries 305 Sprint Shootout at the Southern New Mexico Speedway in Las Cruces, N.M., on Saturday, April 7, 2018.… watch video

POWRi 305 Winged Sprint Car Highlights 4/6/18
POWRi 305 Winged Sprint Car A-Main highlights from the Interstate Batteries 305 Sprint Shootout at the Southern New Mexico Speedway in Las Cruces, N.M., on Friday, April 6, 2018.… watch video

How American Racer tires are made
You know those round, rubber things on your car that make you go around? Well, have you ever seen a green tire before? Watch the video and see the incredible transformation of an American Racer racing tire during the curing process to give the tire i… watch video

Photo Gallery: Border Tour 360 Non-Wing Sprint Cars + Weekly Racing Series